Cautionary Tale #4

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August 31, 2012 by badacademic2

You should try not to piss off the people in power. This is often impossible, especially if you are a woman. Also hard, not knowing what pisses them off or not being in control of the things that piss them off.

Another problem is unwritten rules. Seeking Solace is totally right:

… what I did know is that she needed to be very careful. Don’t give those in power any reason, no matter how small, to make things worse for you.We proceeded to talk about the incidents that were the subject of the meeting. I explained to her what she needed to do to get her side of the story on the record. We also talked about how she needed to play the game from here on out. I told her that it may not be an end game situation yet. But, she needed to make sure that she understands that this is a game and there are rules.


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