Sports are clearly more important than education


November 20, 2012 by badacademic2

It’s bad enough that evening classes, when most of the grad classes are scheduled, have to deal with “game” traffic during football and basketball season (ie year-round). So it’s harder to get to your classes. And you have to explain to the parking guards how you have a special permit allowing you access to the “closed” campus, no you are not here for a game, but you know, education.

The best thing about it, is when it’s time to apply for said permits. “Well it will be basketball season, so parking services will put up a stink for your [disabled permit]. We’ll do our best.” Thank you Disability Services, for saying you’ll *try*. What bothers me, however, is that it is not automatic, but rather something that needs to be fought for. Because the university needs to make money. With basketball.

Also super fun, having to “Re-apply” every semester. New letters from doctors. Because we don’t have enough crap to do.


2 thoughts on “Sports are clearly more important than education

  1. nitewriter says:

    The DMV handicapped sticker is legally all that’s needed to park in any handicapped space, no matter what “college” policy may be. Check with your state DMV

    • badacademic2 says:

      Thanks nitewriter, I will! Somehow I think, however, that with all the security on college campuses these days, that they still get away with it. There are plenty of signs, even near the handicapped spots, saying permit parking only. It would be nice if the state law could supersede them though!

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