Cautionary Tale # 5


January 4, 2013 by badacademic2

If you require alternative format for your books/articles/readings for a future class, some professors will not care. You can contact them for the syllabus months before Disability Offices’ deadlines. They may promise to get you a syllabus. They may fail.


I wonder, though, if a professor who failed to meet hir deadlines for getting a syllabus to a student/office so that alternate format items could be obtained in time, would then be understanding when the student needed more time on readings, assignments, etc. because ze is waiting for the readings.


Somehow, I think not.


3 thoughts on “Cautionary Tale # 5

  1. 1nitewriter says:

    Being on both sides of this issue, I see the points here. However I don’t have a final syllabus weeks before a class begins as I’m always tweaking things right up to the start date. That said, the texts and reading materials should always be available if students need to get alternate texts. Most places I’ve ever taught do not allow a change in texts/readings etc after some months before a class runs. So getting alternate up to date texts shouldn’t be an issue. I would say the Disability office should have a tentative schedule of classes well ahead of time for their students and they should be taking care of getting everything set up in a timely manner, not the student.

  2. badacademic2 says:

    Thanks for your perspective, nitewriter. It would be ideal if disability offices handled everything, wouldn’t it! In terms of syllabi, I understand tweaking, changing assignments/deadlines, etc. However, I do think when there is a student with a disability that requires accommodation, part of which is alternate format, the readings for the course should be pretty set in stone. I understand adding something or taking something away, but honestly, when every other professor in the department has their syllabus ready and available, and one does not, *especially* when accommodations are required, I find it very frustrating, and frankly, wrong. Last minute changes are one thing. Not having or giving any information months beforehand is another.

    • 1nitewriter says:

      I agree 100%. Most schools require syllabi to be done by a certain point prior to classes beginning. Even if they don’t it’s just good practice to be organized and prepared. I do think that disability services personnel should address this with professors. There really is no excuse for the type of laxity you are describing.

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