Just some light shower reading


January 24, 2013 by badacademic2

I tend to be a frugal person, even if grad school didn’t require it, I would be all over it. And I prefer natural things. Which are usually super expensive. So I stick to the food and other things like that.

So for shaving cream, I use spouse’s. Men’s shaving cream is just like women’s no? I mean, I don’t need gel that turns to foam–my shaving time does not need to be a science experiment. I don’t need pink and purple bottles to affirm my femininity. Don’t need pink- or green-washing. So Barbasol on sale for 79cents?! Let’s stock up!!

For years, this has been my shaving cream. The other day, I decided to read the label. Big Mistake. Aside from all the usual crap, also, propane. I immediately resolved to shave with soap, hoping I wouldn’t re-live those early years when I was too embarrassed to ask my mom to buy shaving cream and razors.

Spouse noticed I stopped using it and then decided to read the label too. “I’m glad I bought the Sensitive Skin variety, so that I can slather my face with propane.”

I wonder what people used to use. Either something better, or something ten times worse. Ughhhh. Any alternative suggestions will be much appreciated.


One thought on “Just some light shower reading

  1. Rented life says:

    I’ve heard conditioner makes a good shaving cream replacement. I usually use water (in shower–shave last so hair is softer). I have shaving gel but not always the time to use it. I’ve never read ingredients before. Husband uses mine and the doesn’t tell me it’s gone!

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