Things I wonder about this PostSecret Postcard


April 15, 2013 by badacademic2




  • Was this an asshole professor? Or adjunct fed up with academia?
  • What did this TA do that was so bad?
  • Was this really the worst TA ever? I mean could ze have been if ze had favorable evals?
  • Because even if they were favorable in the “Awesome TA! I never did my homework and still passed! Didn’t care that I slept in class, etc” variety, that is more unfavorable re: TA than favorable.
  • Did this professor/person in power, etc. have a personal grudge? Was their ego bruised? I really want to know their perspective.
  • Because without it, just reading the postcard, my thoughts are only: What an asshole move.
  • Wait, actually scratch that. Even if they were really the worst TA ever, it’s an asshole move. Because if there is a problem with the student, you should a) speak with them and address it constructively. b) if no progress, speak with their supervisor open and honestly.
  • But that is what is often missing from academia, speaking honestly and addressing things in a mature manner.

4 thoughts on “Things I wonder about this PostSecret Postcard

  1. Anthea says:

    Wow…the prof is just being petty and playing power games.

  2. Z says:

    That’s from a student. It’s a student who takes the evaluations to the secretary.

    • badacademic2 says:

      That’s an interesting point, Z. While yes, a student will give to the secretary, I read it as the professor receiving all the evals (TA and their own) and then doing it. But it might be a student. Would a student with an axe to grind volunteer to bring them in? Maybe. I always thought it was the responsible ones who did. Got me thinking… the supervisor part is what made me think grad student hence prof.

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