Steps forward that should have already been in place

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June 2, 2013 by badacademic2

The 18-page out-of-court settlement with Disability Rights Advocates now binds Berkeley to make library materials accessible and to increase the staff and turnaround time within its disabled students program, which has been overwhelmed with requests for reading material in alternative formats. 

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Inside Higher Ed

Well, thank goodness someone brought suit and made them do it. I was pleasantly surprised when requesting alternative format library materials this past semester. Especially books and whatnot, I figured it would be a headache. And that they might say no. And while the turnaround was slooooow. At least they did it. And there was never a question that *of course* library materials would be covered. I wonder if they realize how much I wil be needing now… what with grad school reading lists. Oh dear.

Perhaps instead of bloating unnecessary administration  they can fully staff important things like DIsability Services, Health Services, Women’s Resource Centers, etc…


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