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June 4, 2013 by badacademic2

Because I have too many open tabs and things to write about but I just don’t have time to write. Plus all the cool blogkids do it.

I needed some summertime break TV, and thanks to Rented Life, discovered  Switched at Birth. Have only seen one episode so far, but am intrigued. And looking forward to the all-ASL episode I’ve read about…

Dr. Isis is awesome. And so, says lots of awesome things. She inspires me in that I can stop too. If she can stop, we can all stop. No decisions made yet, but I like thinking about academia as a job and my life as more than that.

So apparently, lots of places in higher ed think disabled people can’t “physically” do the job. These ads are crazy.

Also, I recently discovered this blog by Tressie, and it is amazing. I love her and want to meet her. But I would be too afraid.

Also, maybe I should de-anonymous my twitter?


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